Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First turns

JR Jones' confederates take the Corn Field.
Gibbon's brigade rout some of Jackson's men out of the West Woods.
Dice and Cards
My 8yr old son and I played the first few turns yesterday.  He caught on right away and we played for about 30 minutes.  He started by pushing Gibbon's brigade into the West woods, with support from a battery of 12lb Napoleons.  Gibbon's Iron Brigade destroyed Grigsby's and Johnson's brigades.  Stonewall Jackson quickly called up Early and Hood to reinforce the Wesr Woods.  In the center, the rest of JR Jones' division took control of the Miller corn field with little resistance.  The East Woods was occupied on the north end by Rickett's union division and from the south by two brigades from Lawton's division.  A big fight will erupt there soon.
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