Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Gorgeous September day at Antietam

The weather was so nice yesterday that after church we decided to visit Antietam battlefield on the spur of the moment.  It was one of those beautiful September days when the weather can't possibly be any better.

We visited an encampment of reenactors from the US Sanitary Commission.  Among other displays of wartime goods and equipment, they were deep-frying donuts in a dutch oven behind the dunker church.  They called them "Dunker Donuts"...Haw haw.

We hiked the short loop trail that goes from the North Woods, along the East Woods, through the Corn Field and then back by the Miller Farm.  Then we drove over to the Bloody Lane, and climbed the observation tower.  The southern part of the park is being repaved and is only accessible by foot.  So we missed Burnside's Bridge this time.

Since it was getting late in the day we finished off the trip by getting dinner at the Bavarian Inn at Sheperdstown.  Yum, sausages!