Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Gettysburg - Day One

I am getting ready for a first play test of this new scenario.  Here is the setup with all of the reinforcements waiting on the edges of the table.  I've also re-tooled my rules a bit and renamed them "Double Canister".  This particular scenario starts with Buford's cavalry on Mc Pherson's ridge.  Archer's and Davis's brigades are advancing forward supported by Pegram's battery.  Most of the forces on both sides arrive as reinforcements throughout the day.  I am going to run this through a few times to see how it plays out.  Enjoy the photos.
The town of Gettysburg is in the bottom right, North is up.  Herr Ridge is on the far left.

Buford's Cavalry

Heth's men.

Confederate reinforcements due to arrive.

Cards, charts, markers and dice.

Union reinforcements.

Union game components.

Looking west from McPherson's Ridge