Thursday, August 26, 2010

Civil War Commander

I can't help myself.  I just tinker with rules.  Just can't leave 'em alone.

So here comes Civil War Commander.  It is a set of rules that merges the good, but "not quite right" Battle Cry rules, John O'Haver's variant of Battle Cry, Glenn Drover's civil war variant of C&C:Ancients, and my own regimental civil war miniature rules (Hayfoot Strawfoot).  I have picked my favorite features of each and voila!

So far I have the rules, cards, and two reference sheets printed out.  The game uses the dice from Battle Cry.  I have reset the scenario of Hooker's attack at Antietam and will commence playing with my new rule set.


  1. Cool!

    I actually just played my rules for the first time yesterday and today with my new figures painted by Scott MacPhee.

    I ended up changing several rules:
    * Deleted the Breastworks cards. Now breastworks can exist at the begging of a scenario, but cannot be built during
    * Charge attacks were not as useful as firing, so I made moving and firing less potent (-2 dice when moving and firing for Infantry).
    * I also made Momentum Advance a bit stronger, by allowing victorious attackers to advance and attack again.
    * Added new terrain:
    - Wheat/ Corn Field: blocks line of sight, but no other effects.
    - Rough Terrain (Like Devil's Den) have the same impact as woods: Block line of sight; -1 firing into

  2. I bet those figures look great on the table. Post some pictures when you get a chance.

  3. Posted them last night on the blog:

    Check it out. :)