Thursday, August 5, 2010

Antietam: I Corps Attack (Order of Battle)

Antietam: Hooker's I Corps Attack

US Army:        Command Value:4   Corps Rating:3
Gen Hooker        Vet Corps Commander
  Gen Doubleday     Reg Divison Commander
    Phelps' Brigade    2 vet Inf
    Hoffman's Brigade    4 Reg Inf (reserve)
    Patrick's Brigade    4 Reg Inf
    Gibbon's Brigade    5 Vet Inf
    4th US Arty        1 Vet 12# Napoleon (3 crew)
    1st NY L Arty    1 Reg 3" Ordnance (3 crew)
  Gen Ricketts        Reg Division Commander
    Duryea's Brigade    5 Reg Inf
    Christian's Brigade    5 Reg Inf
    Hartsuff's Brigade    6 Reg Inf
    1st PA L Arty    1 Reg 3" Ordnance (2 crew)
    Ind PA L Arty    1 Reg 3" Ordnance (2 crew)
  Gen Meade        Vet Division Commander
    Seymour's Brigade    6 Vet Inf
    Magilton's Brigade    5 Vet Inf
    Anderson's Brigade    4 Vet Inf
Gen Mansfield*
  Gen Williams*
    Crawford's Brigade    6 Grn Inf (reserve*)
    Gordon's Brigade    6 Grn Inf (reserve*)
  Gen Pleasanton**
    Farnsworth's Cav    3 Reg Cav (reserve**)

* these brigades are William's Division of Mansfield's XII Corps
  neither Williams nor Mansfield are included in this scenario

** this cavalry is included as a hypothetical what-if.  Pleasanton
  is not included in this scenario.

CS Army:        Command Value:5   Corps Rating:5
Gen Jackson        Vet Corps Commander
  Gen Lawton        Reg Division Commander
    Douglass' Brigade    6 Vet Inf
    Walker's Brigade    4 Vet Inf
    Hays' Brigade    3 Vet Inf
    Early's Brigade    6 Vet Inf (reserve)
    Johnson's Battery    1 6lb Smoothbore (2 crew)
  Gen JR Jones        Grn Division Commander
    Grigsby's Brigade    2 Vet Inf
    Warren's Brigade    3 Vet Inf
    Johnson's Brigade    2 Vet Inf
    Starke's Brigade    4 Vet Inf
    Raine's Battery    1 Vet 3" Ordnance (2 crew)
    Brockenbrough's Bty 1 Vet 10lb Parrott (2 crew)
    Poague's Battery     1 Vet 10lb Parrott (2 crew)
  Gen DH Hill*
    Ripley's Brigade    6 Vet Inf
  Gen Hood**        Vet Division Commander (reserve)
    Wofford's Brigade    4 Vet Inf (reserve)
    Law's Brigade    6 Vet Inf (reserve)
  Gen Stuart***
    Hampton's Cavalry    3 Vet Cav (reserve)

* Gen DH Hill was stationed in the center of the CSA line and
  is therefore not included in this scenario.  One of his brigades
  played a significant part in the fighting on the northern flank.

** Gen Hood was organized under Longsteet's corps, but during
  the battle of Antietam was temporarily subordinated to

*** Gen Stuart is not included in the scenario but one of his
  cavalry brigades is included.

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