Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Corps Attack at Antietam

Welcome to my miniature wargaming blog.  My primary periods of interest are the Second Punic War, the American Civil War, and World War II.  Right now I am painting a unit of Spanish scutarii (Crusader sculpts) and playing an ACW scenario of Hooker's I Corps attack at Antietam.  Some photos of the Antietam game setup are below.

The northern part of the field at Antietam

Stonewall Jackson surveys a Parrott gun

General Lawton (as portrayed by Longstreet) with infantry
Confederate Artillery
Rickett's Division as portrayed by Gen. Buford
Gen Hooker in the foreground, Meade in the background
I'm happy with the battlefield placement, but I want to add some nicer pieces for corn fields and I also want to paint the buildings.  The order of battle seems pretty good to me as well.  Next I will have to play this through and see how I like the deployments and the rule systems.  I'm going to play a slightly modified version of a set of rules, which are themselves an adaptation of C&C:Ancients for the Civil War.  I've added in the Battle Cry dice instead of the C&C:A dice, and I have also added more fidelity to the artillery units.  The units with poker chips are reinforcements, if you play the proper card you can activate them.  I'll post more as I play through the battle.

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