Saturday, August 20, 2016

Numidian Light Horse

Earlier this month I completed this unit of Numidian Light Horse.  The figures are from Crusader Miniatures.  I am nearing "completion" of my Carthaginian army!  It is pretty exciting to see that particular lead pile start to dwindle down.  I like how these guys turned out.  The skin tone is perhaps a shade darker than I intended, but it's okay with me.  I am planning to add command figures to every unit in this army so that I can use them for playing "War & Conquest".  Enjoy the photos, there will be more soon.


  1. Very nice; you are bolder than I to attempt paint the eyes white!It works well here.
    I have some Black Tree Designs Numidians to add to my venerable Minifigs ones. Not sure when I will get around to painting them!

  2. Painting eyes is a gamble. My attempts used to turn out like "fried eggs" - a big white area with a spot of color in the center. But over the years I've learned some technique, practiced, and improved my equipment. Recently I got a 3/0 kalinsky sable brush for doing fine detail work. Good brushes make a world of difference.

    I hope your BTD Numidians hit the painting table some time soon! I have a lot of their WW2 figures - I really love them!