Saturday, July 30, 2016

Punic Cavalry

Recently I have been working on my Carthaginian army.  I started collecting Romans and Carthaginians back in 1996.  In 1999 I published the Punic War scenario book "Hannibal Ad Portas".  Back in those days all of my figures were 25mm Ral Partha miniatures.  By today's standards those figures are puny.  They look like little boys.  So several years ago I started re-doing both of those armies using 28mm figures that look awesome!  The Punic army is nearly complete, this past month I finished my Balearic slingers and then started and finished this unit of Carthaginian Heavy Cavalry from Crusader Miniatures.  Enough talk, here is the proof!


  1. They look good, Glenn. I have some of those same Ra; Partha figures, but in my case they continue in proud service.

    BTW, thanks again for writing HaP; a great little volume. I have used it regulalrly!