Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Revised Scenario for First Manassas

I've played through this battle a couple of times recently and I am continuing to tune the rules, cards and scenario to my liking.  Here is the current state of the map and the order of battle.

July 21st, 1861    Manassas, Virginia

Bull Run OOB – Union                  Organization: 4 cards
1st Division – BG Tyler [T: General I**]
  1st Brigade (Keyes)
    [K1, K2: 2 Infantry units]
  2nd Brigade – (Schenck)
    [Sc1: 1 Infantry Unit]
    [Sc2: Rifle with 1 crew]
  3rd Brigade – Col Sherman [S: General I*]
    [Sh1, Sh2, Sh3: 3 Infantry units]
    [Sh4: Rifle with 1 crew]

2nd Division – Col Hunter  [Hu: General II**]
  1st Brigade (Porter)
    [P1, P2, P3: 3 Infantry units]
    [P4: 1 Cavalry unit]
    [P5: Rifle with 2 crew]
  2nd Brigade (Burnside)
    [B1, B2: 2 Infantry units]
    [B3: Rifle with 2 crew]

3rd Division – Col Heintzelman [He: General III**] (Reinforcement 1)
  1st Brigade (Franklin)
    [F1, F2: 2 Infantry units]
    [F3: Rifle with 3 crew]
  2nd Brigade (Wilcox) (Reinforcement 2)
    [W1, W2: 2 Infantry units]
    [W3: Rifle with 1 crew]
  3rd Brigade (Howard) (Reinforcement 3)
    [H1, H2, H3: 3 Infantry units]

Bull Run OOB – Confederate      Organization: 5 cards
Army of the Potomac
  1st Bonham’s Brigade (Reinforcement 2)
    [Bo1: 1 Infantry unit]
  5th Cocke’s Brigade – Col Cocke [C: General II*]
    [C1, C2, C3: 3 Infantry units]
    [C4: Rifle with 1 crew]
  6th Early’s Brigade – Col Early [E: General III*] (Reinforcement 4)
    [Ea1, Ea2: 2 Infantry units]
  7th Evans’ Brigade
    [Ev1: 1 Infantry unit]
    [Ev2: 1 Cavalry unit]
  Unbrigaded – Hampton’s Legion
    [H1: 1 Infantry unit]

Army of the Shenandoah
  1st Jackson’s Brigade – BG Jackson [J: General I**]
    [J1, J2: 2 Infantry units]
    [J3: Smoothbore with 1 crew]
  2nd Bartow’s Brigade
    [Ba1: 1 Infantry unit]
    [Ba2: Smoothbore with 1 crew]
  3rd Bee’s Brigade – BG Bee [B: General III**]
    [Be1, Be2: 2 Infantry units]
    [Be3: Smoothbore with 1 crew]
  4th Smith’s Brigade (Reinforcement 3)
    [Sm1, Sm2: 2 Infantry units]
  Unbrigaded - JEB Stuart [S: General II*] (Reinforcement 1)
    [St1: 1 Cavalry unit]

Reinforcement Rule – A player may choose to receive reinforcements once per turn by playing a card with a time value of 4 or 5 and requesting reinforcements instead of the action written on the card.  Reinforcements arrive in order, left to right as depicted in the graphic.  Reinforcements must enter the battlefield through the hexes labeled with a blue or gray colored triangle, and all of the units must enter the battlefield on the turn they are requested.
Victory Conditions – High score after both sides have played through one deck.  One point is earned for each infantry, artillery or cavalry unit destroyed.  Two points are earned for controlling each hex containing a yellow star.


  1. I'm assuming those six hexes in the middle are the swamp we talked about when we played. What are the terrain modifiers for that? Also- it appears that you have "turned" the field of battle some. Has this changed any of the distances? based on the picture, Jackson etc...are a bit closer then when we played it.

  2. Yep, the swamp causes a unit to stop when entering a swamp hex. Units in a swamp battle with one less die. The hex mat is turned to include the flank areas, much more terrain is available to the west of the crossroads, and the distance from the crossroads to the bridge is more realistic. Jackson does start closer, but a lot of other troops start as off-table reinforcements.