Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Manassas: Re-Oriented

That title sounds like a summer block-buster doesn't it?  It even has a colon in it!

I've shifted the map of my scenario of first bull run/manassas from a north-south orientation to an east-west orientation.  Now the distance to the Stone Bridge is more accurate, and there is enough terrain in the west to do a flank attack along Chinn Ridge or Dogan Ridge.  I have also revisited my depiction of the hilly terrain with an eye for greater accuracy.  Here is an aerial picture (looking north) of the battlefield on my game table.

I've also expanded the orders of battle to include Howard's brigade on the Union side and to include Bonham and Kirby Smith's brigades on the Confederate side.  I'll post all of the details of the OOB and the map after testing it once or twice.  Below is a picture of Hunter' division in the foreground on Matthews' hill looking at the brigades of Evans, Bee and Bartow on Buck hill.

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