Friday, March 25, 2016

WWII Soviets: Finished

I know, it's been what a year and a half since my last post about these guys?  So what happened?  Lots of stuff.  Work, family, chickens, turkeys, pigs, travel, home repairs, name it.  But...  Finally...  I did complete these guys, and here is the evidence.

Since the last post I added eyes and hair.  For eyes, I paint the eye socket white and then using some dark brown paint I put a tiny spot in one corner of the eye socket.  For the other eye, I match the direction the figure is now looking - so both eyes will look left or right.  If you put the spot right in the center you get a bug-eyed zombie kind of look.  For hair I generally use brown ink and add one or two glazes of ink.

Next, I use bronze paint to pick out all of the buttons and buckles.  Then use gun metal silver to pick out all of the rifle hardware and other small metal bits on the figure.

That just leaves the base.  I paint the base dark brown and dry brush it with a medium brown and then a mudstone-gray very lightly.  lastly I paint the edge of the base a solid flat color to denote which army the figure belongs to.  In this case I use a Squad Leader Russian brown color.  And there you go! Komplejt!

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