Saturday, May 17, 2014


The 'Game Table' is located in the 'Game Studio' - see here.  But recently the game studio has been dual purposed.  We have been raising chickens in a chick brooder inside of the game studio.  At first I was glad to share my space with them and I was happily painting Russian soldiers while listening to chicks peep merrily in the background.  But as they got bigger, they started to kick up a lot of dust...and smell.  The dust eventually got so thick that I could no longer work on my miniatures in there.  Thus the delay in my series on WWII Russians.  But now all of the chickens are out in the hen house in the pasture.  Everything in the game studio however is covered in a thick layer of stinky chicken dust.  I will need to take everything out of the room, clean everything, and then move it all back in.  This is going to be a big job but when it is done I will get back to finishing my little Soviets!

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  1. The studio has been thoroughly cleaned and put back in order. Painting shall resume soon!