Wednesday, March 19, 2014

WWII Soviets: Uniforms


For various reasons, I like to paint my Russians with slightly mismatched uniform colors.  I could be that the uniforms were manufactured with variances in the material, the dye, different factories, or perhaps the soldiers themselves have served for differing lengths of time.  For any of these reasons I like to choose a variety of shades of color and paint a few soldiers in each.  This first picture shows the colors I used to paint the soldiers pants.
Soviet pants colors
When painting the pants, you can go pretty quickly, making sure you have a solid and even coat covering all of the area and leaving no white showing through.  Just be sure you don't hit any areas of flesh.  Here is my group after their pants were painted on.
soviets with pants

more pants


I do the jackets or tunics in the same way.  I choose a range of colors and paint them on.  This time, more care has to be taken to not slop onto their pants, hands or necks and heads.  Here are the colors I used.  (I have to admit I'm having second thoughts about 70824 - the German camo orange ochre...)
Tunic colors
And here are some soldiers with full uniforms painted on.  This step can take a little bit of patience, but now your miniature has a lot of color on it and it is starting to look nice!  Some of the soldiers are sculpted with a cloth pilotka hat.  In these cases, I always paint the pilotka the same color as the tunic.  They probably got issued at the same place and time.  Also, my scout figure got a darker green camo suit than the rest of the guys.

If you want to read a really good discussion on Soviet uniforms, check out this blog from A League of Ordinary Gamers.

Next Time: Gear and Boots.

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