Friday, June 14, 2013

The Game Table has Moved

Yes, the game table has moved about 425 miles to be precise.  But the good news is that it is up and functional once again.  It is now located in the back of the garage at my new home in North Carolina.  Here is a photo of the brick path that leads to the back door of the detached garage.
Once inside you can see the finished studio room with its own bath and kitchenette.  I have not yet hung any of my pictures or maps, but I have stacked all of my games on the shelf and set up the painting area.  The center of the room is of course the game table, currently hosting an impromptu Second Punic War type of battle.

Here is a closer view of the action on the game table.  This is a test of my own hex-based ancients rules called "Sons of Mars".  This set of rules has gone through so many revisions, but I like it now better than ever. 
Along with many projects and chores of getting settled into a new home, I have also found time to finish painting a unit of 20 Spanish scutari.  Next up is 8 Balearic slingers.  Enjoy.

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