Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3-Wide 2011

Every year about this time I get interested in the new NASCAR season, and I also start fiddling around with my 3-Wide board game.  This game started life many years ago as a simple card game.  It then grew into a more simulation-heavy game, and has since shed a lot of detail and become a press-your-luck style racing game.

Cars have four tires, 2 brake rotors, and a hand of 3 or 5 tactics cards.  Each car also has a handling marker, a lap marker and a fuel window marker.  These resources are combined with four types of turns; short run, long run, tactics and double tactics.  It is up to each player to determine the level of risk they are willing to accept in order to go a little bit faster.

Tactics can include drafting on the faster tracks, pushing the car in front of you, nudging the car in front of you up the track, and simply putting the pedal to the metal and moving ahead.  Tactics also include saving fuel and causing a caution for debris.

So that's what is on the game table right now.  On the painting bench is a unit of Union infantry for the Civil War.  Maybe next time I will have a peek at them.
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