3-Wide: Racing Game


Here you will find information and resources about 3-Wide.  This is a board game about American stock car racing.  3-Wide is not yet published, and it will start its public life as a Print 'n Play game.  It is a game for 2 to 6 players who each control a team of 2 or 3 stock cars.  Winning the race requires a combination of Speed, Tactics, and Skills.

Speed is determined by the freshness of your car's tires.  Each car has four tires and each tire can be black, green, yellow or red.  Black represents a brand new tire, green tires have a little wear, yellow tires have a lot of wear, and red is a dangerously worn tire.  Drivers roll a matching color custom die for each of their tires, and this die roll determines the resulting speed, and corresponding tire wear.  The die roll can also offer an opportunity to save fuel.  The dice can trigger a blown tire as well!

Tactic cards include about a dozen different types of racing moves.  Players play tactics simultaneously and the interaction of them is worked out according to the speed rating of each tactic.  Tactics can enable cars to slingshot around one another, or bump a competitor up the track while you run past them on the low side!

Skills are acquired by drivers and pit crews at the start of the race based on their experience and abilities.  These skills can be used at critical times during the race to avoid a tough situation or to exploit an opportunity.

Fuel consumption occurs as the laps tick past.  Each driver will need to decide when to make their pit stops, and when to try to save fuel on the track.  During pit stops you make the call for 4 tires, 2 tires or a simple splash and go.  A smart fuel strategy and a timely caution flag can turn a mid-pack car into a winner.

Incidents are a part of racing and can have catastrophic results for a car that gets caught up in a wreck.  But in 3-Wide, incidents are never a simple random event.  Instead, incidents happen when drivers push for an advantage in track position, or when they stress their race car beyond its limits.  Every incident is a result of the amount of risk a driver assumes.

18 different race tracks are modeled in 3-Wide using a combination of  braking zones, fuel consumption and tire wear characteristics, track configuration, and tactic card deck composition.  In addition each track offers two different race lengths.

Below is a list of the things you will need to play this game.  You are free to make your own copy of this game using materials that I provide, but the game is still my intellectual property, and you are not free to resell any components of the game.  Furthermore I reserve the right to withdraw access to 3-Wide game components at any time.  But for now I want to make it freely available for the gaming community.    I hope you are inspired to print and play your own 3-Wide game, and give me lots of feedback as you do!


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